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Our Services : 04/17/ 2015

  • Psychic Readings
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  • Development classes
  • House / Business Clearings
  •  Parties / Group Readings
Our 2014 Mini Fair was a great success !
All food and funds raised went to help the homeless in Cheyenne.    Thanks Everyone !

Jeff Ginter  Spiritual Medium, Intuitive consultant,  Jeff 

Retired Federal Law Enforcement

and Trained in England. Jeff's rates are based on a sliding scale 

of $40- $90 per hour session.

In 2012,  we opened our office in historic downtown Cheyenne WY bringing our unique brand of psychic readings, insights, and intuitive consultation to the diverse Front Range community. The response has been very positive.

We offer Psychic Mediumship readings for people from all walks of life, students, business professionals,
law enforcement, teachers, everyday people, people just like you. Some may just seek entertainment, others want a psychic reading to gain insight and guidance into a situation or event in their life.

We offer professional psychic readings at affordable prices in historic down town Cheyenne, across from

The Cheyenne Train Depot. All our sessions by appointment only and your always welcome to bring a friend

or record your psychic reading. All prices are clearly posted on this website and are agreed too before all sessions. If at anytime during the first 10 minutes of a reading if a clear psychic connection is not made or the client is unhappy with the way the reading is going, either the client or the reader may stop the session and the client will not be charged for the psychic reading session.​​

We opened our business in Cheyenne WY

three years ago, offering psychic reading,

Mediumship and energy healing sessions.

We never dreamed our psychic business

could be so successful in such a small city,

before closing our office last month we were

seeing an average of 60-100 clients per month,

some of them driving as far as Denver Colorado

We continue to serve clients all over the U.S and Canada by phone or online, we do see clients in person if requested .

Our readings are always positive, insightful and uplifting , Our goal is to empower the individual by offering hope and healing. We are most known

for our England style of Medumship readings which demands evidential information as proof 

contact has been made with a Departed Love One.​​

Lisa Marie  Psychic/Medium, Tarot Card Reader and Spirit channel. Lisa's Readings are $80 Hour -Half sessions $45

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Mike Watts, Jeff and Mary​

Mediumship is the wonderful ability  to communicate with our Departed Love Ones, offering comfort, hope and healing for those they Left Behind.​ Over the past 3 years of seeing hundreds of clients, we have

the experience you want and need. 


We gave over 100 Mediumship / Psychic readings during the past 30 Days, we have the experience to help you connect with your departed love ones, in a very positive, uplifting way.

 Jeff at The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England. 2009-2013



This year, Jeff uses a “sliding scale” pricing structure for his work. Sessions range between $90-$40  per hour, with the amount that you pay at your discretion, according to your financial situation and the value you feel you may find in our work together.  

Lisa and Jeff would like to thank all our peoples, "clients" our friends , for being so supportive over the years.

Starting a psychic business in Cheyenne Wyoming, a community that's not, so opened minded was very difficult, but we slowly earned the trust and respect of many and many skeptics. 

Our work is Not about Our gifts or Our abilities but Yours.  Helping each individual find the answers and direction they need, in their own life. We do Not claim to have all the answers, the answers are within each individual , we simply help you to listen to your own soul, your inner voice,

At the end of this month on March 30th we will close our office, both Lisa and Jeff will continue to offer readings, classes on the phone and online.

Lisa will be available in Cheyenne, but she will devote much of her time with her family and her career. 

Jeff is moving to California  summer and continue offering readings full-time, and He's attending additional Mediumship training with Tony Stockwell.

Jeff offers readings full-time on the phone, internet and in person.

Thanks Everyone !