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The High Plains Psychics Cheyenne, Wyoming.  You'll love the Spiritual connection made, with our combination of Psychic / Mediumship  gifts.  We are experienced, caring psychic professionals, offering Hope and Healing to Cheyenne.

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We're proud to serve our community . Offering our Psychic abilities with years of experience...
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Yes, we're taking on new clients  now! Call for more information. we'll talk about your needs and goals and how we might be of help.

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   In Cheyenne offering psychic Classes, events and group meetings.

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In 2013,  we opened our office in historic downtown Cheyenne to bring our unique brand of psychic readings, insights, and intuitive consultation to the diverse Front Range community. The response has been overwhelming and positive.

We conduct Psychic Mediumship readings for people from all walks of life, students, business professionals,
law enforcement,teachers, everyday people, people just like you. some are seeking entertainment, others want a psychic reading to gain insight and guidance into a situation or event in their life.

Thank you Cheyenne !

Last year was great we helped hundreds of people in our office, at psychic fairs, on Public Radio, New Papers and in peoples homes, we love what we do, that's why we do it so we do .


Cheyenne, Wyoming's Favorite Psychics.

The only Full-Time Psychic mediums located in Downtown Cheyenne, WY.

We Offer Mediumship & Psychic Readings.

 and Angel/ Spirit Healing Sessions.

All sessions By Appointment Only,

Most sessions are booked, a month in advanced.    Call 307-509-9739

Evidential Mediumship readings with Jeff are $ 90 Hr - Half hour sessions are $45.

All Healing Sessions cost $30 per session. Free healing sessions are available to those who cannot afford the regular fee.

Spirit Circles

Monthly Group Meetings

Payments using PayPal is simple and safe,  you don't need a PayPal account to use this option.

Psychic sessions with Lisa are $80 per hr.

Our new angel painting by Cliff Brown

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The Newest Bella Sparks Magazine is here in Cheyenne and Laramie

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 Jeff will be attending advanced Mediumship training  at The Journey Within Spiritualist Church with Janet Nohavec , Mavis Pittilla  and Colin Bates 

June 18 - June 24Th

To Schedule an appointment with Lisa or Jeff, you may either email or call our office at 307-509-9739 We will return all calls as soon as possible. for those who can not afford a session  we do offer classes which are open to the public.

Suzanne Giesemann, former

U.S. Commanding officer and aide to

the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

She's now a Medium and author  of "Messages of Hope " 

June 6, 2014 at The Ft Collins Unity Church.

Jeff's desire is to offer professional quality sessions at an affordable price without  all the woo woo

or Airy fairly New Age non-sense. All our psychic or mediumship readings are given in a positive and uplifting manner, offering help and healing to all those seeking insight or a spiritual experience.

All Sessions are refundable within the first 10 Minutes, if you feel a connection wasn't evident.

 E-mail us about any questions you might have concerning an appointment.

Learning from Mavis was a wonderful experience, she has nearly 50 documented years as a working  Medium in The Spiritualist National Union and remains one of the Best Mediums in the world.