Are you searching psychic websites for honest, affordable psychic phone readings ? Unlike many psychic websites, we have proven experience, yet small enough to give individual care into each reading.  All our readings are by appointment only,  we're Not a 24 hour telemarketing service.  

We do not require you to join a membership or register a credit card and you will Not be placed on a mailing address or bothered my telemarketers.


To insecure your receiving the best possible reading, we limit ourselves to only one reading per day, so our service is very exclusive and you receive our undivided attention.

We receive over 80% of our business from our satisfied customers and their friends. 

We love what we do and always want our customers to be satisfied with our service.

Many psychic websites advertise, a Free Psychic Phone Reading, sounds great , except  your required to register your credit card !  If it's a free psychic reading, why would they need your credit card information ?  You don't need to be psychic to figure that one out, do you ? 

Lisa Marie  A gifted Psychic/ Tarot Card Reader,

Her Readings are both, insightful and entertaining

Lisa's rates are $80 for in person readings and group readings in the Cheyenne Wyoming area.

Lisa and  Jeff opened a Psychic office in Historic Downtown Cheyenne in 2012 called The High Plains Psychics

For over three years We offered Psychic and  Mediumship Readings for people and their pets. Some seeking entertainment, others wanting insight and guidance into a situation or event in their life. 

In May 2015 we changed our business module from only reading at our office in Cheyenne Wyoming 

and moved the business online. Readings are still available in Cheyenne and if we're not available, we

are happy to refer you to around Cheyenne.

We love helping others with our psychic mediumship readings in Cheyenne. Really, we do. 
That's because we know our gifts are God sent, we take great pride in offering our clients the most positive experience in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, served up by the most knowledgeable experienced Psychic Mediums in Cheyenne. We know every satisfied client is the sign that we've done our job to provide the highest level of our ability, in this profession.

We - Lisa Marie -jeff are "Business"partners and psychics of The High Plains Psychics. Lisa Marie has been using her psychic abilities to work with clients in Cheyenne since 2003.

In January 2012, we blended our gifts into a partnership, and we opened our office in historic downtown Cheyenne, to bring our unique brand of psychic readings, insights, and intuitive consultation to the diverse Front Range community and response has been overwhelming positive.

We offer psychic readings for people from all walks of life, students, business professionals,
law enforcement, teachers, everyday people, people just like you. some are seeking entertainment, others want a psychic reading to gain insight and guidance into a situation or event in their life.

We're committed to using our psychic gifts to help those who seek guidance, reassurance, and hope. We maintain the highest ethical standards and proud to offer you a wide selection of psychic readings with a vast wealth of talent, experience, personality, and style. We’re sure you will find a psychic reading or trance energy healing to be a very positive and uplifting experience.

  • Psychic Phone  Readings
  • Mediumship Readings
  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Pet communication 
  • ​Tarot card readings

Real Psychic Phone Readings 

Without all The Bull _____ !

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Welcome to The High Plains Psychic

Contribute only what you can afford, based on the value you received. 

Most clients give between $25 to $90 for one hour readings.

Unlike other psychic websites, No Credit Card is needed, you pay after the reading is completed, The first 10 minutes is free, during this period we both can decide if we should continue the reading or not. 

We understand satisfied customers are the most important asset in a successful business, the only marketing we need is you.  

Please share this website with your friends and tell them about us.

we are always available by appointment online, by phone or see us in person at an event or in Cheyenne.  Thank You

Real Psychic Phone Readings 

Our 2014 Psychic Fair was a great success !
All food and funds raised went to help the homeless in Cheyenne.    Thanks Everyone ! 

Jeff is looking forward to being back this October in Cheyenne,
so schedule you appointments soon. Lisa and Jeff  are planning a few live public group readings this fall, so stay tuned for more
details. We are also willing to volunteer for local fundraising events in Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming.

Our Pets often communication from The After Life

Animals often become our best friends and a very big part of our family, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that they wish to communicate their love from the other side. As a medium I have shared messages from peoples animal friends, from a cowboy's rodeo horse to someone childhood dog. All the information was verified, like the names, description ,events they shared and even how they memorialized  them.

 Always know Love has no limits and love is often their message to us.

We're a small business compared to most psychic phone readers   

found online. There's no psychic club to join, no prepayment or credit

information required. This is Not a Psychic hot line manned 24/7 by telemarketers scam artist or readers from over seas.  

Our business is very small offering  personal and exclusive service, most of our clients (90% ) are referred by satisfied customers, not online marketing.         

Please visit the following websites for information on things to around Cheyenne.

Hi  Jeff

 I did not know what to expect when I called you, and really didn't expect what would happen a couple days later.  The things I was concerned about, well those fears were put to rest mostly the next day.  Specifically job wise  I also didn't expect the peacefulness that was there later either. I don't understand how it works, but I'm not complaining.  I want to call you again sometime, with all the stuff I forgot to ask you lol.  Again, thank you soooo much. Have a great day!   Tracey  07/18/2015  Free Phone reading.

Jeff Ginter a Intuitive / Medium, having been tested over many years, both as a cop and professional medium.

Described  as " Being the real deal" Jeff's style is straight-forward and to-the-point, yet very positive and uplifting.

Jeff's intuitive and Mediumship readings will confound even the skeptic .  Satisfaction promised .

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4020 S.College Ave. Ft. Collins, 80525.​​​ 

Office Phone : 307-509-9739

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Don't fall for psychic scams !

Prices should be reasonable and clearly posted.

A reading should be up-lifting and empowering.

Many phone psychics online are simply telemarketers

with very little psychic abilities and who charge more

than your local psychic who has a proven reputation.