Benefits of A True Psychic Reading


True psychic readings done by a gifted intuitive can be life changing and here are some of the ways a reading can help you.

1. It can validate 
A true reading can give you that “I knew it” feeling. This may sound odd to most people. After all, why would you seek psychic information on something that you already know? Well, here’s the thing – we often tend to second guess ourselves, and we need validation on a regular basis. This is the reason why many people visit a psychic in the first place: for validation. Not all of us want our futures predicted, but most of us want to know that we’re right about something that we know, something that we feel or something that we are about to do. We want to know that we are on the right path. If we are on the verge of making a decision, we want to be assured that the decision we’re making is the best one possible.

2. It can inspire you
Another great benefit we can get from psychic readings: insight about the future. While psychics cannot predict the future in great detail, they can tell a list of possibilities in your life, based on things they receive in your reading. These may or may not happen, but getting insight from a psychic can make you feel inspired and confident as you discover the possibilities in the future.

A reading, should get you excited about the future and the possibilities that life has to give you.

3. It can help you move on
The death of someone you love is a very tragic thing, and can leave many unanswered questions. A reading with a Spiritual medium can help you move on from this tragedy by helping you connect with your departed loved ones. A session with a medium can help you connect and ask questions so that you can find peace and validation that your loved one is safe on the other-side.

4. It can help you make sense of things
There are times when things in life make no sense at all. You may have problems at work or issues in your relationships, which may confuse you. A psychic reading can help you look into and make sense of these things, so that you see things in perspective and understand why they happened. Understanding, clears mental obstacles and helps us make better choices for our future.


Be aware of Psychic Scams 

Sadly, there are a lot of psychic scams and frauds on the internet, where individuals or companies claiming to be ‘psychics’ are delivering inaccurate information or trying to extort sums of money from their clients. 
The best way to find a Psychic Medium is through word of mouth from someone you trust. 

1) Research the reader.
 Most gifted professional readers, do not need to advertise, most all our business is by word-of-mouth
Ask your friends and family if they can refer you to a good reader. Another way is to visit your local spiritual bookstore,
these readers are often held to higher standards. This is one reason, I do most of my readings in several different store locations.

2) Questions to ask before your reading.

    A) Understanding and agree on the cost of the reading. Most readers charge by the hour, based on their skill.                
         In Wyoming and Ft Collins, Colorado the average psychic reading cost between $60-$120 hr . 
         Prices are not always a true indicator of a readers abilities, References, Training and Experience are more important.

3) Ask about their experience, references and training. 
     Experience is more than, the years they claim.  It should be verifiable experience, working with the public .
     Some readers may claim to have 20 years experience, when in fact they only gave one or two readings a year .
     A professional reader like myself, can averages 60-100 individual readings per month, Not including phone readings.
     Training should be important, most professions require a degree of natural abilities, but we also require a growing
      level of skill, standards and most important ethics. A professional reader is always developing their skills.

 References are very Important, Don't just call a psychic phone hotline, Get a reading by a real psychic, one who has a real 
  name not just a first name and avoid psychic phone readings, unless you know the person is genuine.
  A person-to-person reading is always the best where and your friends can  meet in a public location.

4) Avoid Negative people, This includes Negative psychic readers, who always seem to see some type of darkness or disease
    around everyone, then offer to remove the issue, for an added cost ! This is a common scam !  If she mentions removing
    a curse or a bad spirit, Stop the reading and walk-out. 

Payments are made after the reading is completed, and only if your satisfied with our session.

  Ft Collins Colorado 

All sessions are by appointment only and usually booked one month in advanced, although I will attempt to schedule appointments sooner if possible. 

The cost of my sessions are very reasonable given my years of proven professional training and experience. 

One hour sessions are  $90 

Half hour sessions are  $50

I do offer free monthly, events and discounts  to  those with limited income.

My name is Jeff Ginter. I'm a Spirit medium. I communicate with your loved ones who have passed to the spirit world, so you will

know they are okay and still a part of your life. As a psychic medium, I'm a bridge to the spirit world, bringing messages and factual validation they share with me , With my belief in God, I use my psychic medium gifts to help others find hope to heal emotionally.

It is a blessing to share my gift with people across the world by giving messages from heaven to help with the grieving process. It's so amazing how receiving evidence and messages from loved ones can help us know that they are still with us, and that they are watching from the other-side.

During my mediumship readings Spirit provides me with evidence, so that you will recognize it is your loved one communicating as

their personality and information such as dates, descriptions, names, life events and shared memories are mentioned so you can 

have confidence they are in fact communicating with us during your session. A lot if times, additional spirits may come through to

send a message or just to say, "Hi, I''m here and I'm okay". Please read what to expect on my About Your Reading page.

The greatest gift for me is knowing that you have felt their love and presence.

As a medium, I am also psychic, so if you'd like a general psychic reading to focus on career or personal issues, I will use my psychic abilities to help you along your path and address any questions or concerns you may have. You may combine both types of readings

if you'd like, which is what most people prefer. You are welcome to ask specific questions during your reading. I ask people to make

a list of questions so nothing is forgotten and all of your questions are answered during your session. I would like you to get as much

from your reading as possible.

I'd also like to say that I am not a 1-800 Dial A Psychic. I take my gifts seriously and like to take the time to meditate on you and your

areas of focus before your psychic / medium reading. Therefore I only do readings by appointment. As a medium  I must take the time

to get in a "quiet place" to communicate with spirit. I can usually find an appointment for you within a week.

Follow-up Readings

The follow-up reading is for everyone who has had a private psychic reading within the past 30 days. The follow-up psychic reading gives you the flexibility to ask more questions you might have thought of after you processed the information given to you. If your last reading was over 30 days you will need to schedule a full session. 

Follow-up readings are for those making major changes or those who are very goal oriented in their business/ personal development. I do also offer a 50% discount for those who schedule a follow-up appointment within 30 days on their last reading.


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I offer psychic / Mediumship readings in Cheyenne person to person, by phone and readings online. My Readings  provide useful information, such as names, descriptions and events, past and present, to validate a genuine psychic ability, Jeff was recently rated as one of the most poplar Psychic Mediums

Having over 8 years professional experience and advanced training by world renowned Psychic Mediums in England, I  offer you professional quality readings, my psychic abilities have been both, tested and validated.